Shading and Cooling

Shading and cooling for hot and dry areas

Condair is a Swiss family owned company founded in 1948. 

Condair is the leading manufacturer and provider of complete solutions in the areas of humidification and evaporative cooling, with a comprehensive portfolio including products, services, experience and know-how. Our brand Condair, sets the standard for innovative, energy efficient and hygienic solutions. Today, with approx. 650 employees, we operate production sites in Europe, North America and China, are active in 17 counties by our own sales and service organizations and supported by distribution partners in more than 50 locations worldwide.

Humidification & Evaporative Cooling

The evaporative cooling effect is achieved by atomization of pure, clean and fresh water.

The water is treated in a Reverse Osmosis cleaning proses, where all salts and minerals are removed before it passes through a UV system, and is pumped out under high pressure to the misting units on the umbrellas. The units meets the highest hygiene standard on the market, and ensures that the evaporated water is always safe and clean. The combined watertreatment and high pressure units are build in high quality materials according to ISO 22.000 Hygiene Management System, and ensures many years of trouble free operations. The full system is risk evaluated and meets international hygiene standards, like e.g. L8, ASHRAE 188 etc. 

Low Energy consumption:

Evaporating water using high pressure is super efficient and requires only a minimum of energy. The cooling effect achieved with evaporating 100 L of water is as high as 68 kWh. The energy efficiency ratio (EER) is minimum 30, depending on the size of the complete installation.

Ubrellas with Evaporative Cooling

Misting unit integrated into the mast, distributes 

the atomized water and creates a cloud of cool air 
under the umbrella.

Condair ML Evaporative Outdoor Cooling


                      Each pump system can be used for several umbrellas.

Benefits of shading combined with evaporative cooling include:

  • Shading and integrated adiabatic cooling in one unit 
  • Umbrellas with long lasting PTFE membrane in different colors 
  • Cooling with clean, safe and mineral free fresh water 
  • High quality materials all the way through - long lasting solution 
  • Low running and maintenance cost - stainless steel pump and nozzles 
  • Standard and Customized solutions in different shapes and models 
  • Service and maintenance programs included

    Our shading & cooling clients include

    • - King Abdulaziz Center, Saudi Arabia

      - Al Masjid an Nabawi, Saudi Arabia

      Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

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