Podcast: Preventing ice in cold stores & freezers with dehumidifiers

This short podcast from Condair, explains how freezer and cold store operators could improve efficiency, productivity, and health & safety by using dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.

Dave Marshall-George explains to Business Net Explorer, "Using dehums in a freezer will prevent mist and reduce ice, both inside the cold store and on the chiller plant itself. How we do it, depends largely on the cold store in question, and the problems they are experiencing. But in essence we’re try to deliver the correct volume of air, at a low enough humidity, as close to the problem area as possible, to stop or at least reduce, the issues they’re experiencing.

"So if this is icing by a doorway, we’d be delivering dry air above the entrance, from a type of air curtain, so that the dew point, and that is the condition at which moisture condenses, is never reached. So no condensation means no ice. And in fact, whatever ice is there, will actually evaporate and disappear.

"If misting is an issue, we’re still delivering the dry air to the points of moisture ingress – which is normally doorways or maybe above conveyored entrances. Likewise if a company wants to reduce defrost cycles and icing on the fridge system, we might be delivering dry air directly onto the evaporators."

The podcast provides an overview of the specialist technology used to remove moisture at such low temperatures, the benefits of doing so and the energy saving features that can be employed. 

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Before: Misting

After: No misting and clear visibility

Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Condair Ltd

"...the period between necessary defrost cycles was extended from once a week, to once every three months."

Get help preventing ice and mist in your cold store or freezer

Before: Icing above doorway

After: No icing above doorway

Get help preventing ice and mist in your cold store or freezer

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