New mobile humidifier from Condair

Condair is launching the new Condair PureHum 1000 Pro, a mobile humidifier that is ideal for areas up to 1,000m³. Advanced features include phone-based app control, UV-water sterilisation, multiple air filtration options and an 8-speed auto-adjusting fan.

Mobile humidifiers are often used in museums and art galleries, where humidity control can be a temporary requirement during an exhibition period. A mobile humidifier is a great solution, as it is easy to set-up, use and then store when not needed. The Condair PureHum 1000 Pro is ideal for this application, due to its subtle but modern design, tamper-proof control system and lockable castor wheels.

A large 50 litre water tank means the humidifier can be used where there is no available plumbing and won’t require frequent re-filling. A UV-water sterilisation system treats the water with ultraviolet light to kill germs and combat microbial growth. The humidifier can also be plumbed-in with a mains water connection and drain. When plumbed-in, a flushing feature ensures water will not remain in the system to stagnate, further enhancing hygienic operation.

With a maximum output of 2.7 litres per hour, the unit is ideal for a small to medium sized room. A top-mounted touchscreen control panel provides data on current room conditions, water level and operating parameters. A safety glass cover prevents tampering, whilst allowing the screen to be viewed. A remote humidistat sends a wireless signal to the PureHum 1000 Pro, to manage output in line with the desired room humidity level. When multiple units are used across an area, control can be centralised via a single humidistat or managed individually with one humidistat per humidifier.

In addition to the integrated controller, a PureHum app allows users to control the humidifier and see all operating parameters from their mobile phone. Available on the App Store or Google Play, this feature is enabled via an optional WLAN/wifi module.

The Purehum Pro 1000 can offer the additional benefit of air purification as well as humidity control. As standard the unit come with fine dust and F7 air filters. Optionally a HEPA H10 filter can be chosen, which is capable of captures 85% of particles over 0.5 microns in size. Lastly an activated carbon filter can also be employed to remove odours and gases from the air, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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The Condair PureHum 1000 Pro, a mobile humidifier that is ideal for areas up to 1,000m³.

This mobile humidifier is ideal for use in museums and art galleries

Can be controlled via an app on a mobile device

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